About this Presentation/ Workshop:

It is critical that agencies, professionals and the wider community recognise the signs, symptoms and
dynamics associated with strangulation in the context of intimate partner violence (IPV). Described as ‘a red
flag on the trajectory to homicide’, strangulation together with other associated risk markers should be
considered in all risk assessment and safety planning processes.
This workshop also introduces topics such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), sexual violence, threatening
behaviour and other factors including ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) to enhance decision-making and
ultimately safety for victims, families and whanau.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:
 Define strangulation in the context of intimate partner violence
 Describe the signs, symptoms and injuries associated with strangulation
 Know some of the resources available to facilitate effective documentation
 Understand behaviours often associated with strangulation including TBI, sexual violence, threats and
 Apply learnings to risk assessment and safety planning
 Consider how an awareness of ACEs could be included in current organisational practice.

The presenter

Rob has worked in the family violence sector for over 30 years.  His work in this area was recognised in the New Year Honours list in 2006.  He shares his extensive experience from Police, an inaugural member of the New Zealand Family Violence Death Review Committee, international experience with NZAID and health experience through his role as the Violence Intervention Programme Coordinator for CCDHB.

Rob has developed and delivered training to many groups throughout New Zealand on a range of family violence-related topics.  Leading up to and since the introduction of specific strangulation legislation, Rob has delivered presentations at workshops and conferences throughout New Zealand, raising community awareness of strangulation in the context of intimate partner violence as a significant public health issue.


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IMPORTANT: Please note that if you have been exposed to family violence or have lived experience this training may trigger memories.  Please consider booking in supervision post training in order to assist in keeping your self-care a priority.  Alternatively, you can engage the services of EAP.

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