For many individuals, whānau and families in Whanganui, the most unsafe place for them is in their own homes. Family violence is not an individual or family problem- there is always a wider narrative and context around those experiencing violence.

The Family Violence Intervention Network (VIN) in Whanganui is a community led initiative, weaving together local family violence support agencies, businesses and the wider community in support and mobilisation of the VIN kaupapa, vision and values. Every part of our network and our wider community is a connection point in intervening in and preventing family violence- together we can take action to change our grim statistics.


Our values prioritise this collective action:


Reciprocal & responsive relationships that prioritise noticing, recognising, and taking small actions to disrupt violence and/or support healthy & safe relationships.



The practice of caring for people in our community, offering kindness, empathy, compassion, and action to those experiencing violence.



working together as part of our responsibility to each other.

Our brand colours

Blue stands for Water (emotional safety, support and belonging) or what is required TO HEAL.

Green for Earth (our physical safety, support and belonging)  or what is required TO BUILD.

Grey for AIR (mental safety, support and belonging) or what is required to VISION.

Red stands for FIRE (spiritual safety, support and belonging) or what is required to TRANSFORM.