Violence is a choice

Violence is used to:

  • Stop someone doing something
  • Make someone do something, or
  • Punish someone for doing something.

Violence is not just physical. It includes threats, intimidation, put-downs, humiliation, sexual abuse, twisting of words or playing mind games.

Violence is frequently blamed on poverty, upbringing, anger, alcohol, drugs, lack of communication, jealousy, mental illness, stress, illness and lack of education.

But many people experience these without using violence.

Most people who use violence at home are able to be calm, patient people outside of home.

Many victims of family violence talk about how the person abusing them can switch to their nice side if visitors suddenly arrive.

How we can help you-today:

Abuse is NEVER your fault. No matter what your abuser says or how they make you feel.


We have a network of organisations who are just a phone call or visit away. If you or your children are victims of any type of family violence, ACT NOW. Contact the agency that has the service you require.

If you are in serious, immediate danger, dial 111 NOW.

If you are unsure who you should contact and your situation is URGENT, phone 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843 or 105.

Other places to get support: