One of our strategic aims for 2022 was to widen our network to educate and include local businesses/ faith groups/ cultural groups/ schools/ whānau and families from all sectors of the community in our mission and kaupapa (to alleviate the burden and burnout of our social service sector responding to violence in our community and to affirm the statistics that show that people often seek help from other areas of their community first before accessing social service support).

We also know that Primary prevention of violence is key to creating lasting change. The ecological model of family violence intervention highlights that these inner circles are the most likely places for those experiencing family violence to find connection, strength, and resource. Within this ecosystem small positive actions (and connections) can be made to DISRUPT violence & build safe, resilient and healthy family/whānau relationships collectively. Often what stops this from happening, is that people don’t know how to help, what to say, what they can offer, and where to go to get support. This includes those who use violence and want to make changes for themselves and their whānau. Shame and stigma around family violence add extra stress to these attempts at finding or offering connection, support, and resource.

Weaving Together for Change aims to strengthen relationships, collaborations and partnerships between the community and family violence organisations, and catalyse the wider community towards collective knowledge, action, and transformation in this space.


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